We operate worldwide.

Our sensors network provides us with unlimited access to the entire southern and northern hemisphere. Complete sky coverage and high-end equipment are what makes our network powerful.

Providing space security from Asia. Africa. Europe. North America. South America.

Rantiga Observatory, Italy

Solaris Observatory, Poland

Oborniki Observatory, Poland

Nerpio Observatory, Spain

Anjin-San Observatory, Japan

Springbok Observatory, Namibia

Beata Observatory, USA

Polonia Observatory, Chile

Discover our fleet.

Beata Observatory
Fully automated roll-off type observatory equipped with an efficient optical system and a modern CMOS camera providing high speed and high quantum efficiency. The setup provides a 50°/sec slewing rate and a 1.05° x 0.65° FoV.
Polonia Observatory
This fully automated observatory provides excellent results due to being equipped with an industrial-grade camera, superb telescope and a mount complemented with essential accessories such as an LRGB filter wheel or a GPS Box for accurate time stamping. Being located in a Chilean desert, Polonia Observatory is highly efficient due to the excellent weather conditions prevailing in that location.
Springbok Observatory
Being located in Namibia, the Springbok Observatory is highly reliable due to the tropical climate prevailing in this location. Combined with an industrial-grade camera, scope, mount and essential accessories, Springbok is capable of providing top-notch observational data. Some of the key parameters include 2.63° x 1.75° FoV, 50°/sec slewing rate and 0.001ms UTC time tagging.
Nerpio Observatory
Nerpio is a fully automated observation site located in Spain. Highly reliable CCD camera together with the rest of carefully selected elements of equipment provides a 0.66° x 0.66° FoV and 0.001ms UTC time tagging accuracy.
Oborniki Observatory
The most noticeable features of this fully-automated observatory include the 1.05° x 0.65° FoV, mount slewing rate of 50°/sec and the UTC time tagging accuracy of 0.001ms.
Solaris Observatory
Located in Poland, besides being equipped with ample technical equipment available on-site, this observatory has also a professional laboratory, where optical and elecrtonic hardware can be tested. The facility is equipped with a high-speed Internet connection and CCTV system, which enables conducting remote, joint operations with partners and clients.
Rantiga Observatory
Rantiga Observatory is located in Italy and comprises a set of excellent observational equipment, including a CMOS camera and various accessories for the efficiency enhancement. The key features of this site include 0.41° x 0.26° FoV and UTC time tagging accuracy of 0.001ms.
Anjin-San Observatory
This Japan-based, fully automated observatory provides 1.05° x 0.65° FoV, 0.001 ms UTC time tagging and 50°/sec slewing rate.

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