Focused on solution!

The 6ROADS is highly specialized company focused on solutions for satellite business.

The infrastructural core of 6ROADS is the network of six optical observatories located across the globe.

The system of optical sensors allows for systemathic survilance and tracking of known and searching for unknown or lost objects.

With our observatories 6ROADS has full access to northern and southern hemisphere. Our observatories are able to work 24/7 and only limiting factor is sun and weather.

Access controlled office, tripled (in case of problems) internet connections, satellite phones and industrial grade computers makes our infrastructure rigid and ready for future challenges. Furthermore an organisational structures like SPOC and internal SOPs make 6ROADS a professional partner.

First 6ROADS observatory was made in 2003 and our observatories are among first automated assets in Poland. Since that time we have implemented great numer of unique sollutions for automation and reduction of obtained data. Today with more than fourteen years of expirience we are managing our assets in most distant locations, night after night, sometimes under very difficult conditions. Our activity in projecting, building and software&automatics integration allow us to effectively manage remote astronomical observatories. The 6ROADS has theoretical and practical knowledge in telescope maintaining, collimation and sensors performance. Moreover, a large number of minor planet and comet observations and discoveries made by 6ROADS team confirms our knowledge and proficency in planetary astronomy.

Today the interest of 6ROADS team is mainly focused on SSA, especially SST and NEA observations. Longterm cooperation with universities and scentific centers give us instant insight in most recent research and trends in this field.



Below is listed Equipment and some details about 6ROADS Observatories.

  • 1. Chile, San Pedro de Atacama, Polonia Observatory: MPC Code: W98 0.25m F/3.6 Newton scope
    geographical coordinations: 22°57'S 68°10'W, ASL 2394m.
  • 2. Spain, Nerpio, Nerpio Observatory: - 0.40m F/7.0 Ritchey Chretien scope
    geographical coordinations: 38°10'N 2°20'W, ASL 1650m.
  • 3. Italy, Carpineti, Rantiga Observatory: MPC Code: D03, 0.40m F/3.8 Newton scope
    geographical coordinations: 44°26'N 10°35'E, ASL 643m.

  • 4. Poland, Cracow, Solaris Observatory, - MPC Code: B63 0.25m F/3.8 Newton scope
    geographical coordinations: 50°06′N 20°06′E, ASL 276m.
  • 5. Poland, Oborniki, 6ROADS Observatory 1: MPC Code: K98, 0.40m F/3.8 Newton scope
    geographical coordinations: 52°38′N 17°04′E, ASL 52m.


phone: +48 668 344 444, +48 606 233 894
headquarter: Godebskiego Street 55a,
Cracow Poland