Focused on solution.

Providing solutions in space surveillance and tracking is our passion. Since 2003 we have been continuously developing our network of remote observatories to fulfil even the most demanding tasks.

Eight observatories. Endless possibilities.

We perform searching, tracking and surveillance observations as well as astrometric analyses of space objects. Our area of activity includes observation of both active satellites and decommissioned space debris. 

Completed projects
Years of experiece in astronomical observations
Partners in business

Excellent equipment for excellent performance.

Offices with access control, multiplied Internet connections, industrial-grade computers and many other essential implements make us ready and open for new challenges. Thanks to close cooperation with leading universities across the world, we have constant access to the latest observation technologies and SST knowledge.

High level of automation

Process automation means greater efficiency. Automated tasking, observation execution and data reduction help us provide for the clients even in the busiest periods.

State-of-the-art sensors

Our observatories are equipped with modern CMOS sensors, which are characterised by very high frame rates, high sensitivity and low energy consumption.

Advanced security measures

Our clients' privacy is of utmost importance to us. We use high-end data encryption and secure proprietary servers for storing observational data.

Continuous R&D

We actively contribute to the technological development of the SST domain through numerous advanced research and development projects.

Flexible in every matter.

The number of sensors in our network ensures their constant availability. Each sensor can be replaced by another sensor in our network in the event of inclement weather conditions at a particular location. We support numerous data standards depending on customer needs. We take an individual approach to each task entrusted to us in order to provide an optimal solution each time.

Success through cooperation.